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USB Alert - Gran utilidad


Amb aquest aplicatiu portable, quan canvies d’ordinador, no oblidaràs desconnectar la memòria usb. Sonarà una alerta per desconnectar la teva usb abans de tancar i apagar el sistema.

Característiques i funcionament:

  • Quan voleu tancar o bloquejar el sistema, comprova les unitats usb connectades.
  • Emet un senyal d’alerta.
  • Abans de desconnectar l’usb surt un missatge a la pantalla del teu PC.
  • Des de la icona de safata del sistema s’accedeix a tots els dispositius connectats.

USB Alert

Eliminar virus USB (accesos directos)


Muchas veces al insertar nuestro dispositivo USB en la PC nos encontramos con una linda sorpresita: todos nuestros archivos son “Accesos directos”.(No Eliminarlos!) Nos vamos a Inicio->Ejecutar-> ahi escribimos cmd

Aparecerá una ventana como esta:

Debemos poner la letra de nuestro disco (pendrive) puede ser G: o F: y apretar Enter. Una vez hecho esto escribimos lo siguiente:

Attrib /d /s -r -h -s *.*  

Una vez puesto este código vamos a nuestro pendrive y eliminamos los accesos directos.

New Carl Cox album to be released on USB (via Music Week)


New Carl Cox album to be released on USB

“Cox’s new set All Roads Lead To The Dancefloor, his first studio album in more than six years, will be released by the DJ’s own Intec label on USB on August 1.

While this is by no means the first music release on USB – there was a spate of them in 2007, although none really troubled the charts – the Carl Cox album is unique for two reasons: the album will initially only be available as a USB, with the possibility of a limited CD run later in the year; and the USB format allows the release to take place over three distinct phases, with each stage offering more content.

The USB interface is essentially a website home page but most features will not require the USB to be connected to the web.

Buyers will be able to stream and download the album and will also have access to the entire Intec Digital catalogue for a year, as well as access to Cox’s last four Global radio shows, exclusive videos and Carl Cox news.

The interface also allows new content to be added to the USB sticks: to do this the user plugs the stick into his or her computer and it will automatically connect to its CMS location and update.”

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